Recreational Programming with Bad Pixies

Things that you do for fun are supposed to be fun. Having finished mowing the lawn (or more specifically - looking at the lawn and going "Oh, that can wait until the weekend...") I went back to my nasty cursor problem. Ugh. No fun.

Sometimes when you are writing code you get the feeling that you are doing something which nobody else in the world can do. Except that they can. Then, when things get interesting, other nasties conspire to make the situation even worse.

Having discovered that I have to use an actual phone to make it go wrong properly, I'm now learning the joys of running code in the real device. There is a little pixie in my Smartphone (one day I'll roll out my theory that everything in life is actually controlled by tiny pixies running round and making things work - but that is for later). This pixie is a bad pixie. He (or perhaps she) can tell when I'm getting close to debugging the cause of the problem. And then he (or she) turns off the active sync connection so that the debug session drops dead and I have to restart everything. This has happened too many times to be coincidence (Oh, OK it has happened three times so far).

Bearing in mind that I am supposed to be enjoying doing this (ho ho) I've decided to back off from the problem for a little while and see what the subconscious comes up with (this is actually quite a good debugging technique - if you've got the time).