Recreational Programming

I write programs for fun. Don't ask why. I suppose it is better than fishing, or making kits (incidentally, one of my major ambitions is to go to Paris, buy around 1,000 little statues of the Eiffel tower and then make a model of a matchstick with them).

Anyhoo, at the moment I'm making a little Smartphone application which I can use to track my time. You give it a buch of categories and activities and then it lets you add tasks which have an activity, start time and duration. I got it working last week and now I've started fiddling with it. I've added XML save and restore and I'm thinking about linking it up with a web service so that you can upload your activities and it will print out a report (or even an invoice for your time). And the boss can read web pages to find out what you have been doing.

I'm not sure where this will lead, or even if I'll get it all going, but it has brought home to me just how easy it is to use modern tools to put these kind of things together. I've also learnt some intresting things about using XML which I'll post over the next few days.

But this evening I've got to mow the lawn, so no coding for me tonight...