Red Ticket Resolved

I parked the car and wrote the message "sticker in post" on the back of the red warning notice, which I then shoved in the windscreen. I thought it was more believable than "Doctor on call".

Apparently the missing parking sticker has been sent to my office. So I had to ring up for another one. This was kind of interesting because:
  1. They knew that they'd sent me one.
  2. From the look of my office I could have received one and not noticed.
  3. They probably knew that too.
  4. Which meant that I was forced to resort to the line "I wonder if someone has taken if out of my pigeon hole" when I was pretty sure that in fact the envelope is under a pile of paper somewhere.
  5. I know that as soon as I get the replacement the old one will appear as though by magic.

Anyhoo, they were too nice to actually acuse me of such a high level of incompetence, and so my car is now sporting the sticker and properly legal.

As I walked back to the office from my car I noticed a couple of other cars had scrawled notes in their windscreens too. Which cheered me up.