Undeserved Glory

Like millions of others I bought a copy of the new Halo videogame for the XBOX last week. It is part of my "down with the kids" approach to keeping young. And I like video games. So there. Thing is, I'm not very good at them. With the exception of driving games (for which I have over 20 years or so start) I get thrashed by number one son every time.

So when I started paying Halo I set the difficulty level to "Easy". I just don't feel like a "Normal" kind of player. And, to be quite honest, I kind of like things "Easy". I set my exercise bike to "downhill".

Anyhoo, the game started and I was like a god amongst men. I could kill the baddies with one shot in their general direction. And they could not kill me. And all around my computer controlled colleagues were going "Great shot sir", and "Glad to have you around". I spent one entire level just being driven down a tunnel by the other soldiers. I'd run out of ammo five minutes before but it didn't seem to stop me from emerging a hero at the end.

And after a while I started to feel kind of guilty about this underserved glory. It quite took the edge of the experience. All around me was carnage and if things got tough I could just hide behind a rock while my shields repaired themselves.

I think there is a lesson to be learned here people. And I will consider it learnt once I've finished the complete game at this level. Perhaps I'll try Normal next.