Serendipity Rules!

Serendipity is my favourite word. And I only found it by accident. Had some today. I've been searching desperately for the registration document for Ye Olde Fiesta for a few days now. I've found all kinds of useful and interesting stuff. MOT documents from way back, school reports, you name it. But no registration document. The thing is that you never need these things. I put them somewhere safe and that is it. Thing is, I seem to have overdone the safety on this one. I've looked in all the sensible places and quite a few daft ones and still not turned up the crucial piece of paper.

I'd just about resigned myself to confessing to the folks next door that I'm an incompetent idiot where these things are concerned and then sending 19 quid off for another copy when a letter arrived today holding a new style registration form for the very same car. The vehicle people are changing the form and so the one that I have lost is now useless, and the new, posher one is now to be used. So I can post of my bit and give the other part to Dave and away we go.

Sometimes you can't beat dumb luck...