Strictly Come Dancing

Some things I like. Others I hate. At the moment they are showing the kind of program that I loathe on Saturday nights. Nothing new there I suppose, for many years now Saturday night has been a kind of entertainment wasteland as far as I am concerned. I think it is a conspiracy between the BBC, pub owners and DVD rental shops. Every time I hear the TV executives moaning about how few people watch the telly on Saturday night and how they are going to correct this with a new, dynamic, schedule I have to brace myself for another round of drivel.

At the moment we have "Strictly Come Dancing", which is a gruesome combination of Bruce Forsythe, B list celebrities and a ballroom which has all the attraction for me of having my wisdom teeth removed via the back of my head. The format is that C list celebrities are teamed up with ballroom dancers to compete each week in a knockout dance competition. They have rather cunningly added a charity angle in that money from the audience telephone voting is donated somewhere, rather neatly taking the programme above rational criticism.

But the even worse thing is that during the week, at 6:30 they have "Strictly Come Dancing Take 2" or somesuch, which is drivel piled on drivel. Nonentities are interviewed by a nonentity commenting on the dancing of another nonentity and then taking phone calls from viewer nonentities. So you have someone who can't dance talking to someone who can't dance about someone else who can't dance.

At times like this I wonder if I am the only sane person left alive in this world. Suffice it to say that if I got into the studio I would consider it my civic duty to roll a few ball bearings across the dance floor as the couples prepared to foxtrot or pas a double or whatever. Now that would be entertainment.