Takeaway Friday

We are falling into a routine of always having a takeaway on Friday. We even have it delivered sometimes now, to show that we are truly decadent. But today I went and fetched it because I believe it is the role of the man to provide food for his family. And I'm too mean to pay delivery and a tip.

There are a lot of food outlets in Cottingham, where we live. Lots. This is probably because of the number of students that live around here. We have just about every cuisine you can think of. In one part of town if you swung a particularly large cat you could hit a pizza joint, Chinese takeaway, Indian takeaway, Indian restaurant and chip shop (oh and a hairdresser, but they'll make you a cup of coffee if you ask nicely). Of course you would instantly be arrested and charged with swinging a large cat in a built up area after midnight (well - you wouldn't want to do it during daylight would you) but you get the picture.