Not Well Endowed

Today we got a cheery letter from our endowment people. This is because, around 20 years ago, we were young and innocent (read that as stupid) enough to take out an endowment mortgage. At the time the oily salesman explained that this was a sure fire way to both pay for our little terraced two up and two down and also set aside a nice little nest egg for our retirement. What he did not happen to mention was that it was the financial equivalent of picking up all our money and tottering into a casino to place it all on black. Of course we did not care. All we saw as a way to get into our first house. So we signed up.

I was kind of hoping that since this policy (the first of three such policies- but let's not go there folks) had been going for a long time and would therefore pay out the required amount. But no such luck. And because of some chicanery (I can think of no other word) by the endowment supplier, we appear not to be eligible for any compensation. Ho hum. Perhaps the yacht will have to wait. I'd love to work in a field where:
  1. People give you pots of money.
  2. You keep some and go off and gamble with the rest.
  3. When you lose the lot you can go and ask them for some more cash and explain that it was not your fault.

Not that I'm bitter or anything.