Freezer of the Rings

Some time back we lost the key to the patio door. We had three when it was installed. And they all vanished. This was particularly vexing for me because, being a far sighted person, I had carefully put one of every important key on to a master ring (one ring to bind them all I suppose). Unfortunately, as an idiotic person, I then promptly lost this hugely important collection of pieces of bent metal. I had this idea that somewhere in a cave some hideous, twisted, creature was going "I wonder what this opens my preciousssssss?". But the truth is far stranger than that.

Today, for the first time in ages, we cleaned out the freezer in the garage. For various reasons (the main one being idleness I suppose) this has not been done for some time. In fact, since well before we lost the keys to the patio door. And you will never guess what we found nestling at the bottom beneath a pizza box.

Oh yes, perfectly preserved - but jolly cold - we found the missing keys. Unfortunately, the patio door ones are now somewhat useless as we had the lock smashed off just so we could open the darned thing. The prevailing theory is that I wandered out into the garage to get something from ye freezer. This meant opening the garage door, which meant keys which meant.....

Oh well.