Gravity Sucks

Not a good start to the day. This morning, whilst opening the curtains in my guvvy room, I managed to knock a bunch of DVDs off one of the shelves. The shelves are new, only put them up on the weekend. They are not quite straight, but I blame next door's spirit level for that. Anyhoo, the pile of disks fell with unerring accuracy on my glass plasma ball thingy. Which is now no more. Oh, it still exists, but as a huge number of tiny shards of class, rather than a single, spherical, item.

You would not believe how many pieces the departed thingy has broken into. I reckon I'm going to have to strip and clean the whole room before I can sit down and watch telly without getting bits of broken glass in my bottom. The only really good news is that I never used the actual plasma ball much, so it is no big loss. For some reason it sent the remote control on the amplifier bonkers, and I've already stolen the power supply for something else.

But I do hate breaking things.