Pimp My Ride Rocks

When I get home from a hard day at the office I just love watching Pimp My Ride on MTV. The format is quite simple. A horrible old wreck of a car owned by some worthy individual is taken to a car customiser and given a serious going over. The result is average family hatchbacks being given garish paint jobs, spoilers, in car entertainment systems with earthquake power and even an in car water feature as in the show last night.

Wonderful stuff. The car customising gang all look deeply scary, but by gum they know their business. The MC who runs it, a rapper called Xzibit, oversees the whole proceedings with great gusto. I really like watching as these craftsmen do their stuff.

And the final point is that the folks who get their wrecks back as gleaming machines packed with goodies are soo pleased to have them. It really is a happy ending every time. And we can all do with more of those.