Boxing Day Sales and Human Nature

Even though Boxing Day was a Sunday there were still shops wanting to sell us stuff. And even though we had spent the last few weeks frantically buying things we still had the urge to go out and look what was out there.

I've never really understood the human condition on this one. Before christmas we buy stuff at full price. Then, the day after the hallowed occasion we zoom up town and find that what we bought is now half price. But rather than rise up as one and storm the cash tills in anger we just spend more money on more stuff, but now because it is a "bargain".

And then the shops complain that they had a "poor christmas" as if we have failed in our duty to go and make ourselves poorer so that their figures look good.

Next year I'm going to propose a "late christmas". There is nothing in the bible which pegs christmas to 25th December. I'm going to propose that we do it all on the nearest Saturday following the real one, giving the shops time to drop all the prices and us to get into them and buy everything cheap. I'm probably going to be accused of having the wrong kind of christmas spirit. But at least it will be around half price.

And yes, we did to go the sales. And yes I did get some "bargains"....