Motorway Madness

Went down to see the inlaws today. They live down south, around 225 miles from our neck of the woods. This meant that we had to endure some motorway driving. We had one of the worst journeys ever. Nothing boosts moral more than driving past a pile of smoking wreckage, one end of which looks remarkably like the same kind of car that you are sitting in. Two cars seemed to have spontaneously combusted. By the lack of ambulance and the number of people standing glumly on the side of the road I don't think that anyone was hurt, but it probably ruined their day.

The scariest thing we saw involved a couple of cars which had performedn a minor fender bender with each other; in the fast lane. The cars were still on the motorway and their owners were standing in the very middle of the crash barriers in the centre of the motorway with cars whizzing past them on both sides. Looking at the way that traffic is nowadays, they are probably still there.

We got to our destination OK though, and dug in for "Christmas 2: the sequel".