I think that I've discovered a new form of water. It can be found on the inside of my car windscreen at around 5:30 pm every night at this time of year. It is like ordinary water but it is impossible to mop up and appears from nowhere. Oh, and it is very hard to see through. Every night for the last few working days I've come out of my office, trudged through the dark and arrived at a car which seems to have frosted glass windows. I start the engine up and then spend five minutes scraping condensation from every surface, inside and out. Then I get in, drive 50 feet and find that the windscreen is now covered in my new discovery.

So I have to pull in to the side of the road and read a book until I can finally clear the darned stuff away. I don't remember seeing this kind of water before. It seems all thick and gloopy and you can't mop it up. There is probably a scientific name for it. I call it darned annoying.

I was quite pleased this evening (in a schaudenfraude kind of way) to see the car in front of me suddenly veer to the kerb and stop. Inside I could see frantic rubbing. I guess that I am not alone in my discovery.