Brains of Britain Looking for Lard

Hmm. Went out to the Postgrad party tonight. They had a quiz thing. We formed a team and sallied forth into mental battle with students that we are obviously mentally superior to.

Ah well. In spite of me knowing half the answers (in fact I set those questions) "The David Essex Fan Club" (not a particularly auspicious name as it turned out) failed to win. We didn't even get the award for the stupidest team name. But that issue was more subjective I reckon.

Talk turned, as it always does at these occasions, to the impending lard shortage. I'm trying to talk this up a bit on the grounds that it would be a good idea to do that if I had a spare bedroom full of lard. I don't have, but you never know. Apparently we have a block in the cupboard. I'm going to give it another couple of weeks and then put it on ebay.

The evening was fun though.