Crisp Strategies

Here are the facts, ladies and gentlemen:
  • I take a packed lunch, including crisps, to work every day of the week.
  • There are five days in a week.
  • There are four packs of barbecue flavoured crisps in the 24 pack Walkers Variety bag that we buy each week.
  • I like barbecue flavoured crisps best of all.

This means that I have to endure a day without my favourite crisps (and for someone with a life like mine this is a big deal, believe me). So, given the above facts do I:

  • Take Cheese and Onion on Monday (deferred gratification)
  • Throw a dice - if I can find a five sided one- to decide which day I take the BBQ crisps(hand of fate)
  • Take Cheese and Onion on Friday (suffering on the happiest day of the week)
  • Take all four packs to work on Monday - since other family members have been known to eat them (forward planning)

Turns out that the last solution is the best. The only problem is that I might eat all of the crisps on a Monday......