Long Distance Photography and Evil Squirrels

I've just got some lenses for my new camera. I got them (like just about everything else I seem to buy these days) from eBay. The plan was to buy some second hand, older style, lenses as part of a job lot of camera and lenses, and then pop them on the new beast.

As a plan it has worked very well. I can now zoom in on things from a reasonable distance and get good quality output. I was framing up some nice pictures of the squirrels in our garden when I remembered that:
  • squirrels are vermin (basically rats with good PR)
  • squirrels are evil (if you don't believe me - just type evil squirrels into Google)

Derek is not happy with squirrels either. They have taken up residence in his loft and he can hear them munching through his infrastructure during the night. We have discussed different ways of disposing of the unwanted guests. I'm for the General Norriega approach on this one, where you play things like Barney the dinosaur loudly through special speakers in the loft. Then again, perhaps this might not go down well in his neighbourhood.

(By the way, just found out that the word Google is not in the spell checker here. Who'd have thought....)