Make every mistake exactly once

Woa. Spent just about all day marking. We gave some useful feedback, and I saw some very neat code. But a whole day of it is a bit heavy going, and I feel sorry for the students who had to wait around to get stuff dealt with.

Last year, for some reason, it seemed to go more quickly. I think we had more to talk about with this lab, which is a good thing.

One of the things that I have learnt in this life is that it is probably OK to get things wrong in some way once, but if you do it twice you are an idiot (and I may be a bit crazy - but I am not quite an idiot)

Last time our marking worked by just getting around people. This year, because we took longer to mark it did not work this way. Next time I will have a timetable for the students with slots to fill in and proper appointments. It may take a bit of setting up, but it will stop the waste of time.

And with that I'm off for a lie down....