Trader Rob Goes Karting

Traded in a couple of naff Nintendo DS games today and swapped them for a peach. Game trading is quite a nice way to get hold of things without parting with large sums of cash. I was surprised how much I got for the two that I handed over (I'm too embarrassed to tell you what they were). The good news was that Mario Kart DS ended up costing me only eight quid.

And what a game it is. Colourful and smooth graphics. Great kart handling and devious weapons. And I can actually do this one - unlike the dratted TOCA Racing for the PSP which nearly drove me up the wall. The only snag at the moment is that I can't get the much touted WIFI ability of the game to work at the moment, but this might be down to my naughty Access Point. Pity that, I was looking forward to taking on somebody from the other side of the world - even though they will almost certainly beat me hollow.

Update: I've got the thing going now. All I had to do was replace the Wireless Access Point with one that actually works. And I did manage to join a game. And they did beat me hollow. I'm not sure if this is an advance or not..