Loose Screws

Where would we be without screws? I'm not sure who invented them. Perhaps the person who invented nails was looking for a good follow up when they saw a spiral staircase and the rest is history. I don't think that even Google knows how they came about. And also, the Google spell checker still doesnt' recognise "Google". Very strange.

Anyway, screws are jolly useful and you'd definitely know if they weren't there. Like they weren't for me today. I bought a new chair for the office and got all the bits. Except the screws. Wah! I had the plans, the right screwdriver, all the fittings, but nothing to hold them together. The chair is now a forlorn pile in the middle of the room and I've got to try and track down some replacement bits. Such is life.

And finally, questions of etiquette. Does a piece of cheese and a Snickers bar count as a two course meal? If so, which course do you eat first?