Daring Driving and Meeting Levity

Drove to Doncaster for a meeting today. It was foggy. And the world is full of idiots. I wanted to drive at a safe speed, i.e. appropriate to the conditions. The idiots around me wanted to go faster and kept whizzing past me into the thickening mist. I was therefore forced to the conclusion that I had to drive the same insane speed as all the mad people just to avoid them crashing into me. There is probably a metaphor here somewhere. I'm just glad nothing untoward happened, otherwise I'd be starring in a traffic report about now.

On a digression, the terms they use when crashes happen always strike me as strange. They say things like "..the car went out of control..." which implies that the car has a will of its own and decided to head for the nearest tree or "...the driver lost control..." which is even more odd and makes me think of the driver going "...is it in my wallet?, or perhaps on the sideboard? I'm sure that I had control here a minute ago..." just before they pile into the river. What all these euphemisms usually add up to is "the driver did something stupid" but I guess this doesn't read as well on the reports and can lead to litigation.

Anyhoo, thanks to my satnav I arrived near enough on time, and in one piece. The meeting was already deep in intense discussion when I entered and lots of earnest discussion was in progress. At one point a bunch of reports were dished out and everyone was saying things like "I've got the Business School Report, can you pass me Integrated Technology?". I like to think that I lightened the atmosphere by asking for Mr. Bun the Baker.