But is it art?

I am not a great poet (unless it is spelt grate). But I try. Many years ago I got slightly tipsy at a staff party and offered the boss a lecture entirely in rhyme, in aid of a good cause. I spent ages writing the stuff (poetry is hard you know) and then delivered it to a hushed and amazed audience in aid of the Comic Relief charity. That was nearly twenty years ago (shudder) and I'm still doing them.

Tomorrow is another one, and as is usual in these cases, I've not got round to writing the material yet. Actually, for this one I'm reusing some material from the previous one two years ago. My conscience is clear on this one, most of the students who saw the first one will have moved on, and I have changed the colour of the powerpoint slides. And it is in a good cause.

I'm not sure if you have to have an artistic bent (as it were) to write stuff like poetry, but as an engineering type I find it rather tricky. Do great artists find that the deathless prose just pours from them onto the page, or do they have to hammer every line out by hand like me. Would I be more an artist if it came easier to me, or if I had to suffer even more to get the words out. Actually, I'm going to leave profound stuff like this to the real artists, while I look for a rhyme for "Web Services Description Language".