Inky Fingers and Weak Wills

How do ink jet cartridges know to run out when you need them the most? Mine expired just at the end of printing out an otherwise perfect print on the most expensive paper. Never mind, I thought, I've got a spare cartridge. I got it out of its air tight bag, dropped it into the printer and it fell out onto the floor. Wrong sized cartridge for wrong printer. So now I have an opened cartridge for the other printer and a worrying feeling that the right cartridge is somewhere else in my room. And I can't print my picture. Dang.

So at lunch time I went out to get a new printer cartridge. I hate buying them because they are expensive and don't last as long as I would like (i.e. forever). So in the end I didn't buy one. I bought a camcorder instead. Well, I had to. It was the last one in the shop, specially reduced, and I've just got paid a little extra cash for some stuff that I wrote yonks ago. I've been thinking about getting a tiny little camcorder for the holls and they had one which looked perfect at a scarily good price. And I am very weak. And I like my toys. It is very nice. It does everything except make the tea. I'll buy the printer cartridge tomorrow. Maybe.