I am not a mean person

I have been taken to task as being a rather mean driver. Apparently I don't "let people in" as much as I should. These are folks who are so misguided as to live in silly little roads which are connected to the proper thoroughfares that I drive along to work. They sit at junctions in cars which are posher and newer than mine and expect me to stop and let them pull out.

I of course totally reject this allegation. I am a generous and open hearted person who will give you the time of day at any time of day, or indeed night. I spend ages agonising on how I may best serve my fellow human. I see myself as considering not just the driver being let out but the people who are in the traffic behind me, to whom I feel I also owe a duty in this respect. After all, letting someone in in front of me (note the "in front" part of this) means that I am also, by implication, delaying those behind. Who am I to slow all of them down, just so that some shiny BMW driver can complete some no doubt pointless journey from their big house?

Of course, this discussion would not have taken place if I had not failed to recognise the car of number one wife waiting to pull out of the filling station on the way home this evening....