Ho for Milton Keynes

So it was up with the lark (I'd hate to be a lark, all that getting up early) and off down to MK for another Collectormania thing. They have stalls and stars and stuff. And I like going. They had all kinds of things there, it is amazing what people collect, from trading cards to great big axes which they have signed by the actors who swung them.

Made a few investments (OK, I bought some bits and bobs) and met up with the stars (no chitchat and just one photograph please).

They were plugging the new War of the Worlds movie. I seem to remember one of these some time back, nothing like the book and therefore rubbish. At the end they found that seawater dissolved the martians and that was that. I think this reflects a rather poor standard of forward planning on the part of the invaders:

Martian Leader: "Summon forth the Chief Scientist"
Chief Scientist: "Here, your excellency"
Martian Leader: "So, what of this planet earth?"
Chief Scientist: "Seems safe enough to me"
Martian Leader: "What of these 'oceans' that cover most of the surface"
Chief Scientist: "I dunno really, but I don't suppose they could be much of a problem"
Martian Leader:"Good enough for me. Ready the battlefleet for launching....."

..but the Jeff Wayne musical version is superb.