Thumbs Up for Hitchhiker

I vividly remember the evening, around 28 years ago, when I tuned in one evening to a little radio show on the BBC. Within 30 seconds of hearing it I know I wanted to get a copy of this, so I recorded them all. Then I bought the album. Then I bought the book. Then I bought the other album. Then I watched the TV show. And so on. You could say I liked it.

It was very sad when I heard that Douglas Adams had passed away. A genius of high order.

So I was somewhat nervous about going to see the film. But I needn't have worried. It is super terrific. Not just a good realisation of the Hitch Hikers but a good film in its own right. People have complained that it is not like the book. As if the book was the thing anyway. I remember people moaning that the book was not like the radio show. It was ever thus. There is no thing to be like anything else. There is just a great radio show, a thought provoking read, a nice little TV show and now a thumping good film.

They are all different things. But all the essentials were there, and given the constraints of a big budget, high risk, Hollywood funded venture I reckon they did Douglas proud.

Just go and see it.