Twenty Six Pence Worth of Problems

Got home this evening to a less than happy household. The washing machine had finished its run and rather absent mindedly forgotten to remove the water from itself. Cue wet kitchen floor and much angst.

I thought it might be a wheeze to take a look in the pump filter. I was kind of hoping that something had stopped it from draining properly. I found three coins (and it wasn't even a fountain). A grand total of 26 pence. I guess someone (not me - I dream of having so much loose change) had left the cash in their pocket, from there it had made its way into the internals of the machine and bunged up the outlet. We did two washes and it seemed to work OK.

I've always had a problem with washing machines. Ages ago I bought one of the first computer controlled ones because it is a well known fact that "the mechanical controllers always go wrong". After two failed motors and a broken drum bearing I have revised this theory. I now buy the cheapest one I can get and then throw it away after a few years. This one was quite cheap, and for it the tip may be looming.....