Radiating Disapproval

Earlier this week I noticed that the radiator in the bathroom was not getting hot. This meant that when I got out of the shower the towel was not toasty warm. At my age this kind of thermal shock can be dangerous, so I thought I'd see what was wrong.

The radiator was mostly full of air. But I had answer, in the form of the special key which you can use to open the top and bleed the air out. (and I only took an hour to find it too - go me). The problem was that when I did the bleeding job (not swearing) not all the air would come out. Hmm. Strange. It was almost as if there was no water going in to the system. Now this is potentially dangerous. You can view the water in a heating system as the thing which cools down the boiler and stops it from bursting into flames/melting/exploding. All bad words.

So it was up into the loft to find out where the water was not coming from. The ball cock had got stuck. This means that no water was getting into the header tank, which consequently looked like all the reservoirs will look in 3 months if the weather man is to be believed. A quick waggle and a squirt of WD40 and everything was back to gurgling normality. I'm not sure if I should worry about where the water went in the first place......