Nissen Dorma and Buy a Table

Took the old Nissan out today. First time in a while. I'd forgotten just how much power there is in the old warhorse. Took off like a rocket at the line and then wrapped it around the first lamp post on the corner. Not good. Fortunately I was playing Gran Turismo 4 on the Playstation and not messing around in real metal, plastic and rubber. I won a few races and took part in some enormous car wrecks. Lovely. Then I popped it back into the garage for a week or so.

One of my minor ambitions is to take a proper fast car out somewhere (rallying would be best I reckon) and just see how much of my racing experience maps accross in to the real world.

Then we went out to buy a fan (v. hot today) and came back with a table and four chairs. I don't think we have ever bought a table intentionally. It was, of course, the last one in the shop and suitably reduced in price.