Zoo Keeper - Match those Hippos

The Nintendo DS is a great toy. It actually takes gaming into a new place. Some of the games are just plain silly but they are not like much else and they are pretty compulsive. Like Zoo Keeper, now available for less than you think and great fun. The premise is very simple, swap animals around in a zoo grid to get lines of more than three and so trap them and put them back in their cages. (I'm not sure if this would work in real life, but the lion has a completely square head and so I don't think we are talking about super realism here).

Anyhoo, the game is great. Number on daughter has now taken ownership of my DS and has been matching hippos for the last hour. She says she blames me for her "touch screen cramp".

Number one son came back from Durham today to rehearse his Imagine Cup presentation for the final next week. Looking good.