Verity Stob Lives

Went to Foyles today. Spent far too much on books. One book I just had to buy. The collected writings of Verity Stob. She is a legend. Many years ago a new magazine called .EXE, written by programmers for programmers, hit the stands with a regular column by the aformentioned Ms. I remember looking forward to the magazine just to turn straight to the back and read her bit.

Very clever, very funny and very clever (have I mentioned that she is very clever). She now writes for Dr. Dobbs. And you can buy a book of earlier writings. If you have any computer leanings you should read her stuff. And you will laugh. And you will thank me. So go. Follow that link now. Shoo.

Back here? Sorry about that. The Dobbs people stop you from reading much. Never mind, there is always here for a little bit more. I guess you'll have to buy the book. After all, I'm afraid I'm not going to lend you mine.