Depressed of Wimbledon

Watched a bit of tennis on the telly today. A english player got beaten. It seemed like he was having difficultly coping with the fact that the other guy was a better player then him. And the crowd, watching weren't much better.

When I was a lad (gosh I sound old) the audience at Wimbledon viewed the game in respectful silence, allowing themselves a sharp intake of breath and perhaps a ripple of clapping at a particularly excellent piece of play by either person on the court. This rabble cheered every time the english player got a ball back and applauded wildly whenever his opponent hit a ball out of the court or double faulted. I ended up rooting for the other guy. And he won.

Once the game was over there was non of the "...and now moving over to the game on court number one.." business of the old days. We had to have an interview with the winner, asking him how he feels about winning (my guess would be pretty pleased - but I'm not a professional tennis commentator). I left the room before they had the interview with the bloke who lost so they could ask him how he feels.

There seems to be an obsession with finding out how people feel these days. Not impressed. I want to watch people playing tennis, not explore the feelings of someone I'm never likely to meet. Ho hum. And I do miss Dan Maskell.