Driving in Slow Motion

Drove "the great white whale" back from Reading today. Against the wind and uphill all the way. I thought that the phrase "up north" just referred to our position on the map, but after the trip I'm pretty sure that it actually means that you do have to climb continuously to get here.

Performance was not the van's forte. The man who delivered it said things like "..and they'll do 90 miles per hour too...." when talking about the aforementioned mobile shed. I think it would only achive this if you pushed it off a particularly high cliff, I was fighting to get above 70 for most of the trip. At least this meant that I was street legal all the way home.

Overtaking was the most interesting part. I'd draw up behind somethng, check the mirror, signal, pull out, hit a teeny tiny hill and then find that I was just about going backwards in the fast lane. With a queue of shiny Mercs and other posh cars fuming behind me. Actually, I quite liked that bit.