Van Lag with Dynamite

Got "van lag" today. Didn't think that all that driving would affect me much, but today I'm pretty tired. Of course I still managed to achieve superhuman type things at work today (thank heavens I only use my powers for good) but I felt rather tired as a result of all the effort.

Number on daughter forced me to watch "Napoleon Dynamite" tonight. I'm glad she did. It is an American college flick about the agonies of being young, fit and having a whole life's worth of potential mostly in front of you. The characters are distant and disconnected in that special way that only teenagers are and I suppose that you could say nothing much happens throughout the film. But the locations and events are quite engrossing and it even manages to shoehorn in a surreal happy ending as well. If you want car chases, alien invasions and extravegant set pieces, then don't watch this film. But if you enjoyed "Ghost World", "Gregory's Girl" and "Clueless" then you could do much worse than take a look.