Skinny Teeth

What do you say to someone who has lost all their files because the server has crashed?

"Good thing you've got a backup"

Then run like the wind.....

My Class Server and Where Would You Think Host went "toes up" last week. I wasn't that worried, because I'd taken a backup of the assessments and the databases around the end of the term. It also needs to be rehosted onto my "Shiny New Hardware" (tm) so I was just going to rebuild the system and restore the old files onto it.

Then I remembered that I had enticed the boss to have a go with Class Server and he had created some work on the system after the backup.


So today I got busy with Virtual PC, a few database files, the SQL Enterprise Manager and the Registry Editor. At the moment I can see the files but not touch them. I think I'm going to get those files by the skin of my teeth.....