Voyages in Sound

A couple of weeks ago I decided to embark on a journey. I thought I'd start my Media Centre at the very first track on the disk, "(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)" by the Stranglers and go all the way through to "Zoo Station" by U2. In order. Well, it helps to pass the time and it relieves me of the responsibility of having to choose what to listen to.

After a bunch of tracks who's names start with brackets and dots, a few [Untitled Tracks] the machine started on all the ones that have the track number in the name. I'm presently up to "07 - Not So Manic Now" by Dubstar and I've had to stop for a break to listen to some Pink Floyd. I saw them live last night on "Live 8" and now I'm going to work through their stuff (best album "Wish you were here") before continuing. It was wonderful to see "the Floyd" together again and sounding like it was only last week they recorded the stuff. Instead of over twenty years ago. Kind of give me hope for the future.....

I've found some interesting tracks on the journey that I forgotten I had, and a few I didn't even know were there. Perhaps I'll continue again in a little while.