Life on the Ice

Alan looked out of his igloo, across the ice towards the lake. The night was very cold and very dark. He wandered out, shivering slightly, and noticed a knot of villagers by the lake's edge, huddled together and pointing at the sky. "What do you think it means?" one of them asked. Alan looked up. Where normally there was inky blackness he could make out a new star where none had been before. It hadn't been there yesterday and now there it was. It was a strange colour and he found it vaguely unsettling. As he watched he thought he noticed it getting bigger. He blinked and looked again. Yes. Definitely bigger. A frightening thought occured to him. He was just about to shout a warning to the rest of the group when he and his entire civilsation was pulverised into dust by a massive explosion.

And the headlines read:

"Worldwide telescopes analyze NASA's comet collision "