Window Wind Up

The car is starting to worry me again. Only a few hours after having been given a clean bill of health I was using the electric front windows (posh eh?) at the council tip yesterday and ran into a little difficulty. The first visit was fine, with me all suave and James Bondy. The window smoothly whirred down and I was able to ask the chap where to get rid of most of a holly bush and accompanying debris. Then it jus as smoothly slid back up again. At the second visit things were by no means as suave. The window shuddered down making a sound rather like a team of blackboard finger scrapers practicing for the Olympics Blackboard Finger Scraping finals. A very talented team with a good chance of getting gold. Having staggered half way down the window then refused to go back up again. This is problematic. Leaving a car outside all night with an open window is not a good thing to do, even in an area as genteel as ours. Particularly if it rains.

By a combination of pulling and frantic button pressing we managed to get the window back into place, but something is definitely wrong. Something under several layers of trim panels, funny breakable clips, one way screws and complicated wiring. The Haynes manual says that it is a "four spanner" job to dismantle the door and take a look inside. I'm not sure if I am a four spanner mechanic. Fortunately for me fate, in the form of an afternoon of pouring rain, has prevented me from getting to grips with it today. Something to look forward to next week methinks.