Do the Sausages Last

Had a BBQ today. The weather for the last few days has been fairly dreadful, but we went for it anyway. Ian and Geoff and Chris and a whole bunch of other people turned up and a good time was had. For about the first time we managed to get the charcol fired machine to work a treat. My top BBQ tip, do the sausages last of all. If you do them when the thing is real hot and has some flames you get loads of fat and massive conflagration. If you do the bangers at the end when things have cooled down a bit the results are much more restful.

We had one sausage left at the end, which went next door to Jack. Our neighbour's dog is vey partial to our BBQs, and apparently stands quietly next to the fence waiting for us to hurl a sausage or to over to him whenever he gets wind of of one.