Doors are complicated

What's in a door? Quite a lot as it turns out. Tonight number one son and I spent a happy couple of hours stripping down the car door in search of the cause of "Windows - non moving version". I reckon there is more electrical compexity in this door than there was in the whole of my old Mini. There are four motors, a heater, a whole bunch of switches and heaven knows what else.

The good news is that we managed to dismantle the door and put it back together without causing any lasting damage - at least not to the car. The bad news is that we don't think that we can fix the problem. We need to remove the window glass to get the regulator out. The manual says that to remove the glass the first thing you do is lower the window to around 3/4 down and then start work. Bit tricky to do this if the window is stuck in the up position.....

We reckon that the only way to attack the problem is to cut the thin wire which is used to pull the window up and down. Of course, as soon as we do that we are deep into recovery mode and it would help at that point to have a spare assembly. Which we don't have. And which costs 220 quid. Ho hum. Any ideas folks.