Hollywood Bowling

Just next to the hotel is an underground bowling alley. We were invited there tonight. Free beer and food. Count me in. Now, I'm no great bowler (perhaps I shouldn't do it left handed). John, who heads up the Visual Studio team at Microsoft, is though. Very impressive. The ball goes where he sends it. Whereas when I bowled it seemed to have a strange affinity with the gutters. Never mind.

bowling 001

The beer bottles were shaped like bowling pins, which I thought was well cool. And the food was ace, I had the best hotdogs I've ever tasted..

bowling 002

Down these mean lanes a man must bowl. Note that they were not actually at an angle like this, but for me they might as well have been....

bowling 004

The balls came in different flavours. I tried blackcurrent and melon, but neither worked for me... The place also had a very old pinball table. Andy and I gave it a bit of a thrashing.

bowling 005

If only I was a pinball wizard. I particularly liked the way that the zeros on the score displays were just fixed in place so that the lowest score was always ten. This indicates a degree of pinball score inflation over the years....

bowling 007

I thought the signs for the bowling alley were cool.

bowling 008

I wasn't, and I didn't. But it didn't matter. I was having too much of a good time to care. Thank you Mr. Microsoft for a great night out.