A Day at the Beach

Another day out today. (I'm feeling a bit guilty about this, but the conference, and thus the work, start tomorrow - and we have been talking about Slide 6 and a number of other work related things, honest. Anyhoo, we thought we would go and dip our toes into the Pacific, an ocean I've never seen before. So we did. After a taxi ride through Beverley Hills we made it to Santa Monica pier.

la day out 002

I love taking pictures through cab windows. When we got to the pier we saw a sign which basically made the whole day worthwhile there and then....

la day out 005

I wish I'd been around to see him in his prime. The view from the pier was superb, but we decided not to dip our toes in the water.

la day out 019

On the pier they had an amusement arcade, where we were able to continue the pinball thread that we started earlier.

la day out 021

Then we went for a walk along the front. Some of the hotels looked really neat.

la day out 025

Then the lure of the shops overcame us and we spent a happy couple of hours bending plastic. My favourite place in all the world is probably now Circuit City....

Then it was onto the bus for the trip home. An LA tip, use the public transport. The trip back from the beach took a little longer, but cost a huge amount less. And the slice of LA that you see is amazing. My favourite bit was when a huge bunch of schoolkids got on and packed us out, one of them clutching a huge book marked "Geometry". I'm sure the bus nearly fell over as it went round the corner. You get to see all the sites, and do a quiz on the in-flight mass transit TV. Great fun and amazing value. YOu can get a weekly pass which lets you do this all round LA LA, for 16 dollars. A snip.