Saying goodbye to a lump of metal

Is it normal to get worked up about mechanical things? I've had this car since new, for a sixth of my life. Tomorrow it goes away to be replaced by another one. I've got a lot of memories tied up in this lump of metal. When I got it the kids were much smaller and more inclined to do what I said. Now, not only do they not always follow instructions, but they are not usually even around to do that. The car has taken us three times round the world (not actually - driving across the Atlantic would have been a bit of a problem) and never let us down once.

And tomorrow, because it is old, it is being replaced. Today I took all the bits and bobs out of the various storage compartments, peeled the stickers off the windscreen that I need for work and dug out the handbook, still in its original folder. I also took a whole bunch of photographs of the thing. I will look back on my "Scenic era" as a great time in my life, here's hoping the next car is as reliable, and the times as good.