Wrong Lump of Metal

So today I turn up at the garage to pick up my shiny, nearly new, car. I have emptied the old car of around 40 cassettes, taken all the bits and pieces from the hidey holes in it and bade my farewells. I have all my documentation, money in the bank to pay for the new vehicle, and I'm quite looking forward to playing with it.

Then I'm told that I can't have my new car because the garage is unable to locate the log book for it. This is a fairly crucial document, in that it is the one that proves you really own the car. Without that you can't get a tax disk, another fairly crucial item which actually allows you to take the car on the road. Nobody is quite sure how the document got lost, or where it is, but everybody is sure that it means I can't have the car.

Oh dear. Big problem. The good news is that the garage works well in failure mode. I now have the use of a courtesy car (which is newer than "mine" but pretty much identical) until they can sort this out. I must admit to getting kind of cross, but in a "Oh dear, you have a problem, how are you going to make me happy?" kind of way, which seems to have worked.