Petrol Obsession

The new car (which isn't mine, but is new) has a rather clever trip meter thing which gives you live fuel consumption figures as you bowl along. For someone like me this is like mana from heaven. Something else to become obsessed with whilst driving. I have become fixated with keeping the MPG (Miles Per Gallon) figure above 40 as much as possible. To achieve this zen like state around town you have to never stop and never speed up. Once you reach that magic point on the bar chart you have to hold it there by fair means or foul. This means that driving now has a new level of excitement as I career over level crossings dodging trains and fail to stop at traffic lights (only kidding folks).

I'm not sure if this will improve my fuel consumption much, I wasn't much of a lead foot driver in the first place, but it is fun for the moment.

I'm reminded of one of the great advertising blunders of all time, which came out a few years ago. BMW were very proud of their new fuel system, which completely shut off the petrol to the engine when the car was coasting. This was quite an advance, and must have been quite hard to design. Pity that they gave it to an idiot to advertise. The picture showed a car going down a mountain side, and in large letters over the top was the strap line "120 miles per hour, 0 miles per gallon". I reckon the driver was drinking the stuff.....