And there weren't any monks

Went to York today. It rained. And rained. And rained. For lunch we went out to Monks Cross, a shopping centre on the outskirts of the city. Number one daughter (who we went to visit) had need of some commestibles and an ironing board from ASDA. I figured that it would be quieter and more pleasant than York.

I could not have been more wrong if I was from Planet Wrong in the Wrong part of the Wrong end of the universe where I had a first class degree in being wrong for all the wrong reasons wrongly.

It was horrible. Wet, hard to park, very busy. People in cars were driving around being selfish and stupid (I of course stopped doing this as soon as I got out of my car). There were no paths. At one point we got stranded in the middle of the road, surrounded by whizzing idiots in 4x4s. The only satisfaction that I could gain from the situation was the fact that I was in a position to choose to never go there again. Ever.

In short, I did not like the place much. But in the end we got what we wanted, and escaped with our lives and most of our sanity. And an ironing board.