Missile Launcher for a fiver

Ian came round tonight to pick up his misile launcher. These are quite neat devices which a clothes shop has been selling at a reduced price. I never thought there would be anything interesting for sale in Marks and Spencer (a big UK clothing chain) but it seems that times have changed. You plug the launcher into your system via USB and it lets you aim and fire three foam tipped missiles under computer control. Great fun for cubicle wars.

They were initially rather expensive, but becuase the takeup has not been great they were knocked down to a fiver. I ended up buying four, one for me, one for number one son, one for Ian and one for Geoff (who at this moment is unaware of his good fortune). I thought we could have some kind laptop controlled pitched battle.

Actually, I've just started to fret about the way that things on the web are scanned etc. Do you think that something at GCHQ will now flash red and finger me as an arms dealer? Will my blog now be pored over by intelligence types looking for coded messages. On the other hand, another reader is another reader.....

Update: They seem to have sold out in Hull now, but if you want to get one it might still be worth dropping into your local store.