Self Sabotage

The "Simpsons Programme" for physical fitness is not going well. Today, ten minutes into the first session, number one wife came in and informed me that I had sent her out to tax the car without the insurance certificate. This had resulted in a trek across town to the post office, followed by dealings with a smug cashier which did not have a successful outcome (although I've a feeling the cashier had a good time). At this point my torture changed from physical to mental, as I was forced to stop exercising and begin the hunt for the missing piece of paper.

Of course I found an insurance certificate within 30 seconds. But it was one year out of date. I've no idea why I set myself up in this way. The obvious thing to do with an old insurance certificate is to shred it and put it in the bin. The less than obvious action is to leave it lying around so that it can be found in mistake for the proper one. I've often wondered why I do this kind of thing. It is on a par with putting stuff in a "safe place" from which I'll never find it again.

I've come to the conclusion that I have a talent for self sabotage in some matters, particularly those involving bits of paper that you only need once a year or so. The good news is that only two hours later I found the vital document. Of course it was just where I had put it. In a safe place.