It looked red in the packet

My new toothbrush is pink. I didn't mean to buy a pink one particularly, but there you are.

Actually, buying toothbrushes is now quite fun. In the old days, when they were made by paintbrush companies and were just a bit of plastic with some bristles shoved in one end, they were rather boring. But now they are all exotic shapes and colours with things like "high performance" and "super whitening action" written all over their shiny packages. Of course they also cost around ten times what they used to as well, but that is the price of toothbrush progress I suppose.

Anyway, I enjoy reading the claims and weighing up which particular type of tufted, high performance, spiral weave brush structure would best serve my dentistry. I will never be able to afford a Ferrari, but at least I can have a toothbrush that sounds like it might be one.