Tall People Eh?

Ever wanted to throw things at the telly? Tonight on the local news they had this bloke who was moaning about how hard it is to be tall. He was around the same height as me (perhaps slightly shorter - I really hope so) and so they photographed him squeezing into tiny cars (with the seat obviously set as far forward as possible) and looking forlorn outside clothes shops. The report didn't really go anywhere, except that he was unhappy about being tall and presumably expected people to feel sorry for him.

I guess it must have been a slow news day. Perhaps tomorrow they'll have someone who is blonde going on about how hard it is to be blonde and have to endure all those "dumb blonde" jokes. Then on Wednesday they can bring in a person with big ears and a big nose who will complain how hats never fit and tissues never seem large enough.

Well, really. As a tall, blonde person with big ears and a big nose (who will therefore presumably get called in on Thursday so they can shout "full house") I can state that life for someone in my position is actually not that bad. Sure, I can't buy clothes that easily, but if you liked shopping for clothes as much as I do this would not seem to be a problem. And as for stupid comments, I am in the perfect position to rise above them. So there.